Gearing Up

The following information applies only to the Marked Organized Trail Rides and not for Private Custom Adventure Tours


Dirt Bike or ATV

Make sure that your ride is well maintained and ready for a full day or two of riding.

Hydration System

Make sure that you have something to carry water in so that you stay hydrated for the entire ride. There are times when you will be several miles from camp, and we do not want to ruin your ride with severe cramping due to dehydration.

Tool Belt (Fanny Pack)

– Quart of gas on your tool belt (if your motorcycle can’t go 40+ miles without refueling)

– Necessary tools to work on your motorcycle or ATV

– Tie wire, master link, duct tape, spark plug, tow strap, matches, space blanket

Gas Can

– We will carry your gas can for you so that you can fuel up during the scheduled stops on the ride.

There will be a sweep crew for both rides, but they may not have the parts or tools for your bike, so please come prepared.