Riding Clinic

2013 Hamel/Folks Off Road Riding Clinic Info Sheet

Trac-On resurrects the original Hamel/Folks off road racing and riding two day clinic. The Hamel/Folks off road clinic of the early to mid 1990’s experienced over 250 different individuals that improved their riding ability and/or their race results with complete success. With a track record such as that, original co-founder of the clinic and founder/owner of Trac-On Daryl Folks, has decided to make the clinic part of the Trac-On schedule. Danny Hamel, arguably the “Greatest Desert Racer Of All Time” always felt that the clinic wasn’t just about race results but it offered other very important elements such as rider safety and trail rider etiquette. Danny’s’ feeling and beliefs about the two aforementioned elements, in particular safety, are what resonates through Daryl’s’ mind today. When asked about the clinics through the past couple of years Daryl’s’ response has been “The clinic will return in the future” and that future is March 24 & 25th in 2012.

The clinic format will be comprised of one lecture day and one ride day covering instruction and education in riding and racing aspects such as:  Mental Preparation, Physical Preparation, Motorcycle Preparation, Motorcycle Setup, Basic and Advanced Riding Technique, Terrain Variation and Reading, Safety Equipment Tips, Racing Tactics and Strategies. Before the lecture starts there will be a true/false multiple choice exam which will also be taken at the conclusion of the clinic to show each students improvement. If you are interested in improving your riding ability or improving your racing results then this clinic is for you! The maximum student enrollment will be 30 so don’t wait until the last minute and get enrolled early.

2013 Trac-On Dirt Bike Tour Entry Form