Bighorn 70

trac-on single track

Bighorn 70 at Carpenter Canyon (Near Pahrump)

Can’t permit a race here but BLM can permit a ride!  This epic adventure will take place in the mountains and canyons near Pahrump, NV.  This is a ride that you surely will not want to miss!

This ride is a one day ride of approximately 70 miles in length. This length, structure and format is what Trac-On started with in its first ride of February of 2004. Like the two day rides, this ride will always be held at different locations year to year. This ride is also the least expensive ride that Trac-On offers from year to year. Like the other rides that Trac-On offers, this ride is a mixture of single track, two track and sand wash for the A ride and two track, graded road for the B ride.


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