Treasure Hill Run

trac-on two track road

The Treasure Hill Run

April thru June and September thru October

 3-5 Day, two track or single track or a mix of both

This ride takes place in the southeast central part of “The Battle Born State” and has an epic adventure just waiting for on goers.  This ride leaves and returns to the picturesque old mining boomtown of Pioche, Nevada.  Pioche, famous for being the roughest and toughest mining town in Nevada’s western frontier history.  Seventy two homicide shootings in 1871 before a single person died of a natural cause!  On the four and five day rides, there will be an overnight stay in the off road hub of Caliente, Nevada, or at the Eagle Valley Resort.  This ride features unbelievable single track with a mixture of classic Nevada old mining two track.  No doubt this ride is a double your fun, double your pleasure standout.  A thrill ride with all the major ingredients!  One living ghost town, three authentic ghost towns and several ghost camps in a premier part of off-road Nevada.

Elevation 6,000 – 7,500 feet

*NOTE* Once a date has been booked for any of the ride options, the date will not be available for another group for a different ride due to that date being taken.  Also, a date that is available for one ride but not a different ride might work for both rides depending on the weather pattern.  (i.e. The Treasure Hill October dates will work for the Mojave or The Wyatt Earp.)  Call for a date and location change request.


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