Western Frontier 150

Western Frontier 150

This ride is a two day ride of approximately 150 miles in length. This ride will take place in western states such as Nevada, Arizona, and possibly Utah or California. A mixture of single track, two track and sand wash again for the A ride and two track, graded road for the B ride.

Camp Valley, NV; The Mother Lode of tight,
technical, single track tree sections in the state of Nevada
(Please try to Pre-Enter so that we have an accurate count for T-Shirts, Lunch & Dinner)
(You can also RSVP by calling or texting Daryl’s cell at (702) 232-6680)

It gets it’s name from the original nickname of this part of the U.S. The name was derived from the eastern U.S. In the early days the word frontier was commonly used for the definition of large and vast with little sign of man’s footprint.  I actually used the name Western Frontier because of the mining that took place in the western states. Mining is what actually made the Caucasian footprint in these parts. Along with mining came everyone else such as the merchant, barber, brothel owner, rancher, farmer, saloon owner, lawman etc. and we must not leave out the professional gunslinger. The western frontier rush also created  boom towns such as Tombstone, Pioche, Deadwood, Goldfeild, Tonopah, Hamilton, Belmont, Prescott, and the list goes on. Native Americans such as the Southern Piutes, Northern Piutes, Shoshone, Navajo among others actually tamed this land long before the white man, so the ride name exemplifies that as well.

The ride will most likely take place at high elevation whether it be the great basin or the northern tip of the Sonoran Desert. It might even make its way to the forest service lands of Utah. The ride theme represents all of the ingredients of the western frontier and all of its American folklore heroes such as Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Wyatt Earp, Butch Cassidy and Billie the Kid to name a few.

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