Wyatt Earp Western Frontier Tour


April through June and September through October

3-5 Days – Two track or single track or a mix of both.

This ride is a smash hit with the diverse terrain such as the “Great Basin Desert” and the Juniper Pinion Pine mountain areas of South West Central Nevada.  Overnight stays in Historic Tonopah and Goldfield Nevada, with an optional stay in Silver Peak Nevada on the five day rides. Historically speaking Tonopah and Goldfield Nevada in the years 1902 thru 1905 were considered home to the most famous lawman in American history “Wyatt Earp”. Obviously, this ride centers around Wyatt and Virgil Earps history during their stay in Nevada.  This tour also features four authentic ghost towns, three authentic ghost camps and as an added bonus, there is a special three hour tour on one of the afternoons at the Tonopah mining park.  With its colorful western frontier history, and its diverse terrain, the Wyatt Earp Western Frontier Tour is second to none.  Welcome to Nevada’s pioneer territory.

Elevation 5,500 – 7,500 feet

NOTE – Once a date has been booked for any of the ride options, the date will not be available for another group for a different ride due to that date being taken.  Also, a date that is available for one ride but not a different ride might work for both rides depending on the weather pattern.  (i.e. The Treasure Hill October dates will work for the Mojave or The Wyatt Earp.)  Call for a date and location change request.

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