Mighty Mojave Expedition

trac-on mighty mojave sand wash

The Mighty Mojave Expedition

October thru April

3-4 days – Two track or single track or a mix of both

The first real organized motorcycle event was held just outside of Las Vegas in 1968 in the Mojave Desert which gave birth to the desert motorcycle racing and desert trail riding hub of the United States.  Since 1968 Las Vegas has seen such races as the Mint 400, the Gold Strike W.C., the Whiskey Petes W.C., Vegas to Reno, the Laughlin U.S. Hare Scrambles Champ to name a few.  This ride was some of the original routes and race courses of some of the above mentioned classics.  Taking place in the very mystic Mojave Desert, with its native creosote bush, Joshua Tree, and Choia Cactus, this ride will cure a persons curiosity on what it would be like to enter and race in the most forbidden of all the great deserts, “The Mojave”.  Historically the ride covers two living ghost towns, two ghost camps, several old west mining shacks, and a special mining camp tour of the Techaticup Mine.

Elevation 2,500 – 5,500 feet

*NOTE* Once a date has been booked for any of the ride options, the date will not be available for another group for a different ride due to that date being taken.  Also, a date that is available for one ride but not a different ride might work for both rides depending on the weather pattern.  (i.e. The Treasure Hill October dates will work for the Mojave or The Wyatt Earp.)  Call for a date and location change request.


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