The Belmont Pioneer Mountain Adventure Tour

June thru Mid October

3 – 5 days – Two track only

The Belmont, like the other rides, is another smash hit in Nevada’s Pioneer Territory.  This ride centers around the living ghost town and former county seat, Belmont, Nevada.  Each days ride leaves and returns back to the scenic town of Belmont, but not without breathtaking views, vistas, and stream crossings in Nevada’s high mountain ranges, The Monitor and The Toguima.  This ride also features two living ghost towns, “Belmont” and “Manhattan”, along with two authentic ghost towns “Jefferson” and “Barcelona”, two ghost camps, and several miners cabins of the late 1800’s.  Welcome to more of Nevada’s history, remoteness and motorcycle riding at its finest.

Elevation 6,000 – 9,500 feet

*NOTE* Once a date has been booked for any of the ride options, the date will not be available for another group for a different ride due to that date being taken. Also, a date that is available for one ride but not a different ride might work for both rides depending on the weather pattern. (i.e. The Treasure Hill October dates will work for the Mojave or The Wyatt Earp.) Call for a date and location change request.


3  $  1,695  $   2,050  $  2,550  $  2,995
4 – 6  $  1,550  $   1,850  $  2,350  $  2,725
7 – 8  $  1,350  $   1,650  $  2,150  $  2,425
(Note: Bike Rentals Included In Pricing, Pricing is Per Person)
** We need 30 days of notification for the booking of a Private/Custom Multi-Day Adventure Tour**

**Please call to obtain pricing** 702-232-6680  

All the above pricing is inclusive of:

  • Recent model year KTM 200/300 TPI-XCW (2 Strk) and 350/450 XCW (4 Strk) fully prepped with GPR Stabilizers, fresh tires, additional bolt on accessories (e.g. handguards etc.) and a service tech.  Trac-On, Powered by KTM, is setting a new standard for the rental bike program.
  • Full riding gear kit rental is available for $50 per rider. (Helmet, Jersey, Pants, Gloves, Chest Protector, Elbow & Knee Guards, Boots, Goggles)

*NOTE – The KTM 200 XCW is lowered 2″ and is equipped with electric start.  This is perfect for smaller women and teen age riders*

  • Transportation to and from Las Vegas to the ride location
  • Two or Three person TRAC-ON staff
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner including soft drinks
  • Lodging
  • Chase vehicle
  • Motorcycle fuel