Trac-On offers top of the line late model year KTM off-road motorcycles equipped specifically for making your ride the best that it can be in the Nevada desert. Trac-On is setting a new standard for the motorcycle rental industry. Trac-On dirt bike rentals have been professionally prepared to deliver a premium experience on your ride with us. All of our motorcycles are outfitted with top notch off-road accessories so that your ride with us is safe and memorable.

Recent model year KTM 200 & 300 TPI (2 Strk) XC-W and 350 XC-W (4 Strk) fully prepped with GPR Stabilizers, fresh tires, additional bolt on accessories (e.g. handguards etc.) and a service tech.  Trac-On, Powered by KTM, is setting a new standard for the rental bike program.

*NOTE – The KTM 200 XC-W is lowered 2″ and is equipped with electric start.  This is perfect for smaller women and teen age riders*

A motorcycle rental from us will come outfitted with:

  • GPR steering stabilizers
  • Dunlop tires (MX 52)
  • Foam tire inserts (airless tubes that improve handling characteristics and alleviates flats on the trail)
  • Hand guards
  • Skid plates
  • Radiator guards
  • Rear disc brake deflectors
  • Custom Trac-On graphic kit

**All Trac-On bikes are professionally prepared before each ride**

Trac-On motorcycle rentals are for Trac-On events or tours only.

Please call for availability at 702-232-6680.